Le Dance Studio, INC has been dissolved.

Sue Beiting and Julie Keller continue to offer dance classes at separate locations

Julie Keller and Sue Beiting continue to offer dance classes at separate locations

Sue Beiting now owns and operates The Dance Realm Studios

Our staff offers a nurturing approach to teaching dance. We aspire to build CONNECTIONS at our studio. EACH child is an individual and her/his OWN individual talents and growth need to be celebrated during EVERY class. We believe that dance education should be fun and entertaining - and our instructors are not afraid to be a little goofy or "over the top" to make that happen! We believe in finding a happy medium between structure and fun. Classes for kids age 3-6 feature special monthly spotlight activities-Princess/Prince Parade with crowns and wands, Mermaid Mania with our bubble machine, Disco Jazz Day with disco lights, just to name a few!

The Dance Realm Studios maintain a very high standard of excellence in the field of dance-exercise. Director Sue Beiting is certified with D.E.A., Dance Educators of America and a member of I.D.E.A., International Dance-Exercise Association.

We have two convenient locations:

Fort Thomas
8 Highland Ave
Fort Thomas, KY 41075
Anderson Township
8124 Beechmont Ave
Cincinnati OH 45255

My phone number: 859 866-1676
Email: thedancerealm@mail.com

Visit us at Our Website or Facebook View our incredible dance and competitive routines. They speak for themselves!

Julie Keller is now owner and operator of Belladance.

With a warm smile and a welcoming hand, Belladance wants to lead you to your first steps on a journey that will awaken your self confidence, enhance your technique, and push your creative limits.




Ft. Thomas Studio
Hiland Building
18 North Fort Thomas Avenue
Ft. Thomas, KY 41075

Florence Studio
8605 Haines Dr. Suite C
Florence, KY 41042